Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

Are you a male with long, wavy hair? When you glance in the mirror and see that you have no idea what to do with your hair, do you want to give up? Even worse, what if you have so much hair that the shampoo doesn’t even get to your scalp? Thick hair can be difficult to style, to say nothing of the other problems it can cause. Make use of these strategies to cut down on style time and maintain your thick hair with confidence and control.

1. Moisturizing should always be part of the routine

Thick hair is prone to dryness and breakage due to the oil on the scalp’s inability to reach the ends. Moisturizing your hair on a regular basis will help you avoid this problem.

To keep your hair healthy, look for shampoos and conditioners that are high in avocado and vitamins. Strengthening fatty acids are found in these products.

Apply a conditioning masque to your hair. Does a hair masque improve the health of my locks? Thick hair is the target market for these products. Use it once a week. ‘

There are numerous chemical treatments that might cause hair to become dry. Ammonia-free products should be used whenever possible if you’re coloring your hair. Also, remember to take good care of your scalp and hair after any chemical straightening treatments.

It is possible to maintain your hair nourished and fashionable with simple at-home treatments. Your hair may benefit from the nutrients in yogurt. 

Your hair should be shampooed thoroughly after 20 minutes of applying yogurt to it. The hair will look shinier and have a more manageable texture if you use this approach.

2. Brush your hair more often

Even if you’re a guy, you need to use a mixed bristle brush to brush your scalp. For deep penetration into the scalp, use the long bristles; for added sheen and conditioning, use the short bristles.

3. Thinning might not be so bad

In order to reduce the weight and length of thick hair, thinning shears are an excellent option. When it comes to styling long hair, thick hair does not necessitate cutting it short, since thinning can aid. 

Don’t even think about trying it. Make an appointment with a stylist who is trained in this method. If you don’t remove thick hair from the scalp, your hair will grow out all over the place. 

You can also add texture and control thickness with wax or emollient pomades.

4. Stop using a blow dryer and other heat sources

When thick hair is blow-dried, it might result in a funny appearance. Allowing hair to air dry, with a professional styling product applied, is the best way to achieve a tamer style. Drying with a towel might cause your hair to frizz, so you should instead use a cotton T-shirt or pillowcase. Using these products will not cause hair to become unmanageable because of their finer threads.

5. Get styles meant for long hair 

Men with long, thick hair can wear it in a variety of ways. They have the ability to layer, feather, and comb hair in a variety of styles. These days, celebrities are doing their hair in a way that was popular in the past. If you’re looking for an example, go no farther than Elvis’ pompadour. Before blow-drying, you can add height and shape to your hair by spraying it with styling spray.

By Pravin