Mon. Nov 28th, 2022
Why is My Face Itching Badly 9 Reasons Why

An itchy face is very uncomfortable, and many people want to understand why it happens. There are different reasons why it happens to men and women. It can be an allergic reaction or the type of cosmetics you are using. But you have also to know the solution to the problem. Below are possible reasons your face is itching and what you can do to solve it.

Reasons Why Your Face is Itching and Possible Solutions

  1. Dry skin

Very dry skin is can be itchy because of the less moisture under the skin. The low moisture causes the two layers not to balance hence the itchy feeling. Sometimes the low moisture causes the pores to clog as a result, the skin will itch because of less oxygen under the skin.

Solution: of course, use a moisturizer to heal dry skin. Make sure you gently rub and massage the moisturizer on your skin until it skins deep inside to recover the gap between the two layers of the skin.

  1. It can be a skin condition

There are several itchy skin conditions, and you might be having one. Such skin conditions can be dangerous and need immediate medical attention. Some sink conditions can arise from intestinal infections like ringworms. Below are common skin conditions you can have.

–       Chickenpox

–       Folliculitis

–       Hives

–       Shingles

–       Hand-foot-and-mouth disease

–       Atopic dermatitis

Solution: here, you must visit a professional for proper diagnosis and appropriate medication. Some skin conditions can be treated with home remedies.

  1. Internal diseases

This is a warning sign that you have some internal diseases that are affecting your facial skin. Blood disease, kidney disease, liver disease, and diabetes can also lead to itchy facial skin. When the itchiness extends to the back of your neck and legs then it is bad and you need dialysis.

Solution: visit a dermatologist to get an accurate diagnosis and the best medication. Ensure you do it as soon as possible. Those with HIV should understand this is a common condition.

  1. Allergic reactions

You can easily get itchy facial skin when you are exposed to a substance that you are allergic to. Most allergies come with items that touch our faces, like glass frames and jewelry. Nail polish and shampoo can also lead to itchy facial skin. Allergic reactions can also come from ingesting something you are allergic to, like shrimp.

Solution: here, the solution is to identify the substance you are allergic to and avoid it in all circumstances. It is hard to identify, and you need the help of a dermatologist.

  1. Nerve issues

Nerves control all reactions and sensory in our bodies. Hence a poor nervous system will lead to an itchy face, especially on one specific place on your face. Stroke and shingles are common nerve diseases that can cause itchy skin. However, shingles can be treated but cause itchiness for months.

Solution: the only solution is proper medication from a professional and experienced dermatologist. Ensure you take the medication when the itchiness starts.

  1. Bug bites

Most bug bites contain poison that causes irritation on your skin. These bug bites can be annoying and painful. Mosquito bites also cause itchy facial skin, especially for those who are allergic to bug bites. The common bugs with itchy irritation are mites, bed bugs, and lice.

Solution: get the appropriate pesticides to get rid of the bugs. You can apply preventive chemicals like mosquito repellants.

  1. Skin cancer

The first sign and symptoms of skin cancer are the itchy skin and discoloration of the top skin layer. In addition, medication for skin cancer can also cause a reaction that leads to itching of your facial skin.

Solution: your doctor prescribes a drug without itching as a side effect. You can also use skin therapy to control the itching skin.

  1. Old age

Funny but true, at age 65 and above, your skin becomes thinner and cannot hold enough moisture. This is the main source of itchy skin; you should try your best to moisturize your skin twice a day. Nevertheless, use a moisturizer that matches your skin tone.

  1. Psychological problems

Our psychology is the backbone of all mental issues. Your subconscious is telling you to scratch yourself, but you are fine. It normally happens if you have previously seen something scary like a snake or a scary movie. Research shows that depression and anxiety can also cause psychological facial itching.

Solution: try to train your brain to ignore the itching; soon, you will be fine. Get professional help when the problem persists.

Wrapping Up

The main reason your facial skin is itching starts with dry skin. The best solution is to moisturize your face and take a lot of water to hydrate the skin. Allergic reactions and medication side effects can also lead to face itching. In conclusion, study the possible reasons above and use the suggested solution for each problem. 

By Pravin